17 October 2023
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Michael, a keen gardener, was disappointed when the tree outside his house had to be removed due to disease. When he learnt that Islington Council had signed up with the Trees for Street initiative, he saw an opportunity to add even more green to the place he calls home.

We visited him to see how he got on…

Green inspiration

When Michael and his partner, Ben, moved into their property, they inherited a beautiful garden that had clearly had a lot of love put into it. Michael tells us its high maintenance, but worth the effort.
It’s clearly ignited an interest in the difference greenery can make to our environment and general wellbeing, because when Michael saw an advert for Trees for Streets, he put in an application straight away.

On his street there are beautiful coal hole covers, often indicating a Victorian space beneath the pavement that can prevent tree planting. Fortunately, the survey found his chosen location was suitable for a street tree!

Michael and his newly sponsored tree

A beautiful addition to the street

A few months later, Islington Council planted a Cotinus, a striking shrub that can be grown as a tree. Its purple leaves and delicate plumes of white flowers make a beautiful addition to Michael and Ben’s street.

Evidence of Michael’s green thumbs can be seen in the tree pit, where he’s planted lavender to attract pollinators and add even more colour.

“There are the environmental benefits of the extra greenery, but it also makes the pavements and public areas of the street much nicer. The greenery softens the appearance of all the concrete and brick.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Lavender and campanula are great for pollinators and can handle dry weather

Love where you live

Michael loves his street. It’s been his and Ben’s home for almost 8 years, and they hope to be there for many more years. Planting a tree has brought them both a lot of joy, but has also been a way for them to give back to the community. This Cotinus will bring visual appeal – as well as many other health and wellbeing benefits – season after season.

Join a community of tree sponsors

Is your street in need of more trees? We make it super easy, simply click here to start your journey and find out if we work with your local council.