7 September 2022
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The residents of Tower Hamlets have jumped on board the Trees for Streets scheme with lots of enthusiasm. We’ve been delighted to receive lots of tree requests, and sponsors across the borough are enjoying their new trees.

Greening the streets of Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets is an inner city borough, and there is a great need for more green space and tree cover.

Trees for Streets has been working with residents, local businesses and Tower Hamlets Council to help raise additional funding through sponsorship to help re-green some of the streets that have lost their trees over the years or perhaps never had them.

This tree sponsorship scheme is being run by the national charity, Trees for Cities. It is supported by DEFRA’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund, and the Mayor of London. We’ve had many residents using our website to request trees to brighten up their streets and make them better places to live and work.


Trees for Streets is a Tech for Good project that uses technology to empower individuals, residents and organisations to get involved in greening their communities. We do this by hosting tree sponsorship schemes on behalf of local councils and delivering local promotion and engagement activities to bring these schemes to life.

Trees for Streets uses a clever online mapping app that lets residents request to sponsor trees in certain street locations and local parks.

The team at Trees for Streets publicise the scheme around each participating city or borough via leaflets, council emails, social media, PR and community contacts.

Trees for everyone

The Trees for Streets scheme is open to absolutely anyone who wants to sponsor a tree, for any reason.

Read about some of our amazing sponsors from Tower Hamlets:

Laying down roots
Cassie moved to Bow five years ago, and has seen her street change and welcome more families. She wanted to do something that would benefit the next generation, so she organised the community to donate to sponsor some trees together.
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International tree hero
Marleni is a real international tree hero, having planted more than 150 trees in her home country of Costa Rica!
Now she’s got her sights set on greening up London.
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More trees for us and our planet
Joseph is a big supporter of tree planting for environmental reasons and thinks the Trees for Street initiative is a really great thing to get involved in. He’s lived in his area for 4 years, and enjoys the shade that mature trees give to his back garden.
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Read more about our brilliant tree sponsors in Tower Hamlets here.


If you’d like to get involved in greening your streets by planting a tree outside your home, on your street or in a local park like the residents of Tower Hamlets have, it’s simple! 

Search on our website with your postcode, or the name of your local council.

If your council is participating in the scheme, all you have to do is use our app to make the request. 

If your council is not already working with our charity or doesn’t already have a scheme, there’s an option on our app to complete an “expression of interest”, then we’ll send them a request to get involved on your behalf.