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14 September 2021
Using their feet to green the streets
GoodGym took to the streets of Tower Hamlets a second time to help us get the word out to local residents about Trees for Streets.
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9 September 2021
How street trees can make our lives healthier and happier
You don’t have to travel to the countryside or even a local park to enjoy the benefits of being in nature. Even in the most urban areas, the presence of trees can have a profound and proven effect on our quality of life.
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1 September 2021
Greener Streets for Hillingdon
We’re on a mission to get a quarter of a million more street trees planted nationwide over the next 10 years, and Hillingdon is the latest borough to join us!
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24 August 2021
"Trees the day" - GoodGym help us to green Tower Hamlets
We spent an energising evening with the Good Gym team in Tower Hamlets helping spread the word about Trees for Streets…
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4 August 2021
Filling Croydon with Trees
Croydon is the latest UK council to join our national trees sponsorship scheme, to help deliver on its ambitious tree planting goals.
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28 July 2021
Haringey joins Trees for Streets
Haringey is the latest London borough to join Trees for Streets, and among the first UK councils to come on board.
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14 July 2021
Making Bradford greener, one tree at a time
Bradford is the first Yorkshire council to join our national street tree sponsorship scheme.
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2 July 2021
More trees for Bedford!
Bedford Borough Council is the latest to join our national street tree sponsorship scheme, making it easy for local residents to get trees planted in their streets.
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17 June 2021
Cleaner air for Tower Hamlets
This Clean Air Day, Tower Hamlets is the latest London council to join our national street tree sponsorship scheme.
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14 June 2021
Hot in the City? Trees can help
Street trees are real cool customers. Here's how they're helping make our urban environment more comfortable.
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14 June 2021
Watering Wednesday: our top tips
Anyone can water a street tree! Here are our tips on how to get started.
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21 May 2021
Why we need more urban trees
Trees are part of our natural life support system, and play a vital role in sustainable urban living, but do you really know how much we rely on them?
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We're recruiting!
We’re recruiting a number of exciting and varied roles to help build up our high-performance team to support our launch.
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Let's fill Cambridge with trees!
Cambridge City Council is one of the first to join our national street tree sponsorship scheme!
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Trees for Streets branches out in Harrow
We're delighted to announce that Harrow Council is among the first UK councils to join our national street tree sponsorship scheme!
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Street trees are great for our well-being
Street trees are great for both our physical and our mental wellbeing, and that’s a fact.
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Street tree resources
Our resources page contains a curated list of links to relevant organisations, reports, research, articles, and books. We hope you find it useful.
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8 Amazing Benefits From Street Trees
A whistle-stop tour of the myriad benefits of the humble street tree.
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Me & my tree: Hannah
Hannah, from South-East London, talks about her experience of sponsoring a street tree.
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The Power of Sponsoring a Street Tree
How improving your local environment creates a net good for your whole city.
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We’ve pulled together a range of guides and contacts to help you to get involved in our mission of filling our streets with trees.
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