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Help us create a greener recovery

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Empowering citizens to improve the world outside their front-door

Street trees can green even the greyest of neighbourhoods, transforming unwelcoming streets into verdant shady places.

Most of us are probably aware of some of the benefits of street trees – they clean our air, provide shade, and reduce flooding. But they also enhance our mental and physical well-being. 

But all streets are not equal

Post-lockdown, we’ve grown to value our tree-lined roads all the more, but not all streets are equal, and its often the communities that need trees the most that have the least.


42% of people of BAME backgrounds live in England’s most green space-deprived neighbourhoods, compared to 16% of white people

Cash-strapped councils

Cash-strapped councils are struggling to maintain their tree planting programmes, which is why Trees for Streets is bringing residents and local councils together through this new national street tree sponsorship scheme.

Help us create a greener recovery

Trees for Streets is a unique programme that can funnel external funding into the areas of greatest need. We work with local councils to identify locations with higher levels of deprivation and lower tree canopy cover.

We can then work with our funders to engage residents in these locations and to support the cost of street tree planting, helping green the grey to transform the neediest neighbourhoods.

Supporting this scheme

Trees for Streets is a managed by the progressive tree charity, Trees for Cities in partnership, with the civic innovator, Start with Local. Trees for Streets has already received support from the Mayor of London and funding from the City Bridge Trust. We are now working closely with a group of local and city councils to create a lasting legacy of ¼ million trees planted over 10 years.

Get involved

If you represent a funding organisation, or a company with a corporate social responsibility agenda, we’d love to speak with you about how we can work together to start transforming local communities.
Email hello@treesforstreets.org
For funders
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