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Watering Champions

Working with the community to water street trees

Newly planted street trees need a lot of water during summer months to help them survive and thrive. Local councils do their very best to water newly planted trees, but many can’t support the level of watering they really need. This means that new trees run the risk of dying during very dry spells, or simply not developing anywhere near their full potential.

According to both the Arboricultural Association and Defra, newly planted street trees need 50 litres of water every week during the summer for three years. And this may rise during very dry/hot weather or a drought conditions.

Watering Champions

So, we’re launching Watering Champions, this May 2024, to support a real partnership with the local community to look after our young trees. Residents will play their part in ensuring the healthy development of newly planted street trees by supplementing council watering.

It’s quite normal for local councils to ask residents to help water of their new street trees. We’re going to take it that one step further…

Watering Champions homepage
Watering Champions
Watering Champions app

Watering Champion App

We’ll support councils with our new Watering Champion app (launching this April 2024).

We will provide highly visible labels (containing a QR code) for all their new street trees. These invite residents to register to water each tree.Simply locate your tree on our online map and register to water it.

Some participating councils will be offering free watering cans and/or water butts.

Trees for Streets sends weekly alerts to the Watering Champions during summer (May to September). We also encourage residents to get fellow neighbours involved and to report problems e.g. broken tree supports or ripped irrigation bags.

3 simple steps to becoming a champion


Scanning QR code

Scan the QR 

Each new tree will have a 'Water me' label with QR code, linking to our app, inviting the resident to join.


Register on the app

Register on the app

Locate your tree on the interactive map, and register to become a Watering Champion.


Water your tree

Water your tree 

Don't worry, we'll send you weekly watering alerts throughout the summer months.
Trees for Streets featured in the Guardian.


Trees for Streets runs #WateringWednesdays, our national summer campaign, to help promote the idea of community participation in street tree watering.

We see this simple act of care, as a potential first step in helping residents become more engaged in the local environment and community.

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