Sponsor a tree

Let's fill our streets with trees

Unleashing the power of trees

Trees for Streets is all about unleashing the power of trees to help turn all our streets, and housing estates, into green vibrant places…

..we’ve created our national street tree sponsorship scheme to help make this mission a reality.

Over the next ten years we aim to support the planting of over ¼ million street trees.

Empowering residents

The project is also about empowering residents to do something amazing. We do this by helping them make a wonderful contribution in their immediate neighbourhood.

Sponsoring a local tree can create a real sense of ownership and a connection with your community.

 We help residents and councils work together to deliver this shared ambition.

Greening the grey

All too often our streets are dominated by grey buildings, tarmacked roads, and cars. Trees help pull the natural world back into these built spaces, so making our streets more liveable.

The power of trees

Trees are amazing. They have the power to cool our pavements during heatwaves. They absorb nasty airborne pollution and CO2. And perhaps most amazing is the positive impact they have on our personal well-being. It is proven that people who live in a tree-lined neighbourhood have better levels of well-being than those who don’t.


Case studies

hannah's story

“It’s given us a sense of ownership of the street we live on. By planting a tree, we were saying we want to be here for a long time, and we want to positively impact the street.”
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