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Trees for Streets is a proven online sponsorship platform that encourages residents and local businesses to support council street tree planting programmes by donating some, or all, of the cost of a new tree. You can use Trees for Streets to host your own street tree sponsorship programme.


We worked with several councils and experts to build and develop Trees for Streets, including: Jon Parker
at Arboricultural Association, Croydon Council, Tower Hamlets Council, Hillingdon Council, and are very thankful for all their advice and input.

Our next step was to launch a pilot in May 2021 with
8 councils, offering individual sponsorship:

Bedford Borough Council, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Cambridge City Council, and the London Boroughs of Croydon, Haringey, Harrow, Hillingdon and Tower Hamlets.

This has proven very successful and we’re now opening the scheme up to all UK councils for 2022.

Case studies

Haringey council street tree sponsorship scheme

Haringey Council was one of eight local authorities to join the Trees for Streets pilot year in 2021. 

Their street tree sponsorship scheme went live on the Trees for Streets funding platform in August, and within just a few weeks the results were exceeding all expectations!
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Sponsorship funding plants more trees

By creating awareness, recruiting donors, and raising funds, Trees for Streets amplifies your existing tree planting campaigns. Once you approve a resident’s request for a new street tree (maybe outside their house or in their street), you’ll receive their sponsorship funding and manage the planting through your own planting process.

Trees for Streets helps councils to engage more with their residents and supplement their budgets with public donations, enabling more trees to be planted overall. Here’s an example:

cost of a street tree To the council

Tree plus materials



Tree pit restoration




£150 -250



savings made through tree sponsorship

Sponsorship donation

Saving if sponsor waters the tree





This means more than twice as many trees can be planted for the same budget.  

a flexible scheme that empowers residents

Trees for Streets supports a range of campaigns and objectives that can empower residents to transform their neighbourhoods. The Trees for Streets platform creates engagement and raises funds while the Council retains full control over their planting programmes–including setting the number and balance of species of trees planted in area, and the level of contribution you want from residents.

the power of sponsorship

Trees for Streets empowers people to make a difference to the world immediately on their doorstep, by encouraging them to take an active role in greening their streets.

Sponsoring a local tree can create a real sense of ownership and a connection with your community. People have really taken the scheme to heart this year, and in several of the pilot council areas we’ve seen residents successfully crowdfunding to raise funds to sponsor trees in their neighbourhood, along busy roads, and outside schools – all on a very local community level.

Who’s behind this

Trees for Streets, is a charitable enterprise, set up by the charity, Trees for Citiesin partnership, with the civic innovator, Start with Local, supported by the Mayor of London, and funded by the City Bridge Trust and the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

Do drop us a line if you’d like to find out more hello@treesforstreets.org

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If you or your council would like to find out more please drop us a line.
Email hello@treesforstreets.org
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