Sponsor a tree

How it works

Use this platform to sponsor a street tree and we’ll make the process as effortless as possible. We capture the details of your request, along with your sponsorship donation, and work with your local council to make it happen.



Decide on the location

As part of our simple application, you drop a pin on to our online map to show where you’d like your new street tree. We ask a few questions about your chosen spot – to help determine whether it is possible to plant here.


Your local council confirms

We pass your sponsorship request to your local council. One of their tree officers will check the location you’ve requested, and if it’s suitable your tree will be approved for planting.


Your tree is planted

Once your sponsorship is confirmed, we’ll confirm back with you, and take your sponsorship payment. Most councils plant their new trees in late Autumn. We’ll drop you a line when this is happening.


Each summer we’ll get back in contact by text or email to remind you to water your tree. This is the fun part of your sponsorship, which ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your tree for years to come…

Spread the word

Help us spread the word within your community. Us help to help you to fill your streets with trees.

Take the first step to tree sponsorship

Get started

The process

We’ve put together a video that runs you through the experience of sponsoring a tree through Trees for Streets.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve covered as many of the questions that may arise. If you can’t find the answer to your questions, please do get in touch.
Why should I pay anything to have a tree planted?
Who plants the tree?
What if my tree is vandalised?
What if my tree dies?
How is my council involved?
Can a group of neighbours or a community organisation sponsor a tree?
Can I pay to sponsor more than one tree?
Why might my preferred location be unsuitable?
What is a tree pit?
Can a tree be planted if there is no existing tree pit?
How do you take payment for the sponsorship?
Do I get a choice of tree?
Can I place a plaque on the tree?
Do I own the tree?
How often should I water the tree?
Where can I have a tree planted?
What’s the cost of sponsoring a tree?
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