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The national street tree sponsorship scheme
For residents

Let’s fill our streets with trees

Lockdown forced us to spend a lot more time close to home. This has made us more demanding of the role played by our streets.

Many just want the road outside our house, or on our kids walk to school route, to be greener, less polluted and generally more pleasant.

The power of street trees

We’ve all become much more aware of the benefits of trees. They absorb air pollution, capture CO2 and create shading & cooling on hot days. They are also beneficial to our physical and mental wellbeing, but sadly financial constraints have limited how many trees your local council can plant. Until now.

Street tree sponsorship is a game-changer

Trees for Streets is the new national street tree sponsorship scheme from the national charity, Trees for Cities. It offers residents the opportunity to make a donation to sponsor a new street tree to go outside their house or somewhere in their neighbourhood.


Every £1 spent on trees, saves the UK £7 in healthcare, energy and environmental costs.

Join us right now

You can use this website to find out whether your council is running a street tree sponsorship scheme. We host schemes for a growing number of councils. If you live in one of those areas, you can make an application to sponsor a tree in your street, or your local park, right here on this website. It’ll only take you a few minutes.

We also run crowdfunding campaigns on our platform to support community fundraising for multiple trees.

If your council is not running a scheme, you can fill in our Expression of Interest form and we’ll email your council on your behalf to encourage them to get involved.

Search for a scheme near you, or simply find out more about how it works.

The residents of Allison Road, Haringey, clubbed together to plant and look after 6 new street trees.

Who’s behind this?

This is a charitable project, set up by the charity, Trees for Cities, supported by Start with Local, the civic innovation agency. It’s supported by the Mayor of London and is funded by the City Bridge Trust.

Case studies

Pablo’s story

“Trees play a vital role in our environment, we need more on our streets. They are key to a healthier and greener neighbourhood. “
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