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As a business you can make tangible improvements to your local environment, or to a deprived area much in need of greening.

Street trees – the unsung heroes

Street trees are amazing. They produce oxygen, filter the air, absorb pollution and CO2, and support wildlife. They have the power to cool our pavements during heatwaves and protect us from flooding.

They offer huge benefits for our health and wellbeing too. Even in the most urban areas, the presence of trees can have a powerful effect on quality of life. People feel better in green, leafy surroundings. They’re also more likely to be physically active.

Street trees even make our roads safer… the benefits are endless!

Street trees are good for business

Tree-lined streets are more attractive and encourage people to go out and shop. Studies show that people will spend up to 12% more on goods or services in areas with large, well-cared-for trees.

Moreover, a recent global study revealed that consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase from, protect and champion purpose-driven companies.


Consumers are at least four times more likely to purchase from, protect and champion purpose-driven companies.

Source: Zeno Group, 2020

How sponsorship works

You can sponsor any number of trees – from just one, to enough to fill an entire street.

It typically costs around £250 – £350 to sponsor one tree, depending on the area. This helps to fund the planting, maintenance and watering of the tree.

Each tree will be semi-mature when planted, standing 3-4 metres tall – making an instant impact.

We’ll help you communicate the message

Trees for Streets will provide you with marketing assets to help you communicate your impact to your audiences. We can even place labels with your logo on each tree you sponsor, showing that your company is greening the area.

Contact us to find out more: hello@treesforstreets.org.

Support STREET TREE planting in your community

For businesses
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