25 October 2023
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The increase in yearly heatwaves and the unpredictable weather patterns have some people concerned about what challenges we’re passing on to the next generations. But these parents recognise there are things we can do in the here and now that will have a positive impact for years to come – and even provide solutions.

Putting down roots

Helena and Adrian moved to their quiet area of Hillingdon nearly 2 years ago with their young daughter, looking to put down roots for their growing family.

They love where they’ve chosen to settle down, but one thing really stood out to them about their new neighbourhood – the distinct lack of trees…

Planting for the future

Helena and Adrian both work in sustainability, and know all too well what changes we can make now to help future generations. One of these changes is the reason our scheme exists – plant more trees! 

I read that planting trees can reduce outside temperatures by several degrees compared to unshaded areas, which is useful in a heatwave. They can also prevent flooding, absorb air pollution, and improve the view. As heatwaves are expected to take place more regularly with climate change, we also wanted to plant the tree now to get the full benefits of it.”

So Helena reached out to Hillingdon Council, who told her about our tree sponsorship scheme.

Street tree and memorial tree

They were both thrilled when they were told their location was suitable, and that their sponsored tree would be in the ground that winter. They’ve opted for a cherry tree in memory of Helena’s mum, Hilary, who passed away a few years ago.

Our daughter immediately noticed when the tree was planted and helped me to water it when it got hot, with help from the next door neighbour a couple of times when we needed a hose pipe.

An impactful legacy

As Helena and Adrian’s family grows, so too will this tree, providing a beautiful blossom display in the spring, food for wildlife in the summer and dazzling colour in the autumn. Helena feels it’s the start of a greener Hillingdon, as she sees new trees from our scheme popping up all over.

If you want to plant a lasting impact in your community, click here to find out if our scheme is in your area.

A sponsored street tree label in Hillingdon