18 October 2023
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Having nature on their doorsteps is important for neighbours Jonathan and Jim, so when they saw there was an opportunity to sponsor a tree on their street – they decided to join forces!

Feel good factor

Jonathan and Jim live opposite each other and felt that the grass verge between their properties needed a bit more life. They both appreciate nature and recognise the difference greenery makes to a street.

“Having trees lining the street gives a much more tranquil feel. They also provide lovely patches of shade on sunny days and possibly a dry spot to get your umbrella up on a rainy day,” Jonathan told us.

Jim agrees, “They also give us a feel good factor, and makes us proud of our neighbourhood.”

Sponsoring a tree

It was super easy for these neighbours to sponsor a new tree outside their houses.

They simply went on our website and put a pin on a map right where the empty grass verge is.

The council surveyed the location and when it was approved, their donation was accepted and a few months later – they had a new tree!

Growing community

Jonathan and Jim are already friends, but they’ve noticed that the tree has brought the added benefit of connecting them with other neighbours as well. While they’re watering the tree, people often stop to have a chat. We label our trees with information about the scheme – and this often sparks people’s curiosity.

Our tree receives regular watering visits organised by the local council, but it’s no problem watering it ourselves and often leads to conversations with neighbours and other passers-by, which is nice.”

Become a tree sponsor

Jonathan and Jim think the scheme is a great way to bring communities together, especially since the process is so easy and the resulting trees make such a big impact.

Trees offer a myriad of benefits, including:

– by absorbing carbon and pumping out oxygen, they give us fresh air to breathe

– they provide shade on those hot summer days

– through evapotranspiration, they’re also keeping us cool!

Interested in adding all these benefits to your street? Click here to find out if you can sponsor a tree in your local area.

Jonesy the cat approves of the new tree