21 October 2023
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We always enjoy our visits to Coventry, where our parent charity, Trees for Cities, has been working with the council for many years. We’re helping Coventry Council with their admirable goal of planting a tree for every Coventry resident by 2032 – and Simon has just helped out by sponsoring a tree right outside his house!

Planting trees for the future

Simon and his partner reside in Earlsdon. Their house was built in 1911 and is in one of the few areas in the city to survive the blitz. Neither Simon nor his partner are from Coventry, but they’ve lived in the area for many years and it feels like home to them.

Their street is full of mature trees, but they had a gap outside house, and decided it needed filling to create an uninterrupted and beautiful tree line. It’s also beneficial to have new trees planted even when a street has mature trees already. Succession planting is something every council has to consider, as mature trees will one day need to be removed, whether due to old age, damage, or disease.

Simon showed us where their sponsored tree will be going

3 easy steps to sponsoring a tree

Simon saw an article in a local publication that outlined the Trees for Streets scheme, and found it very easy to use the Trees for Streets website to book his desired planting location. Within a few weeks of making his request, the council confirmed that it would be possible to plant a tree on this spot. That winter, his instant impact tree was planted!

He was excited to learn that his sponsored tree is an elm hybrid, so it will withstand elms disease that has wiped out millions of mature elm trees across the UK.

Tree after care

Simon has opted to take on the job of watering the new tree. It’s a great way to get out and connect with neighbours, and helps young trees establish to give them the best start in life.

Simon watering his street tree
Simon makes sure his sponsored tree gets plenty of water

Join a community of tree sponsors

Simon is now part of a community of tree sponsors across the country who are bringing the benefits of urban nature to their streets. If you’re interested to find out more, click here to see if we work with your local council.