18 May 2022
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Haringey’s residents have leapt at the chance help re-green their local streets, and have thrown their support behind our national charity Street Tree Sponsorship Scheme. Over the past 12 months we’ve had more than 300 sponsorship requests from all across this north London borough. 134 of these were planted this last winter/spring, with planting restarting again this coming November. New requests keep coming in almost daily.


Back in the summer of 2021 Haringey Council became one of the first UK councils to partner with Trees for Streets, to encourage their local residents, communities and businesses to contribute to the cost of tree planting across the borough. This scheme is a project from national urban tree charity Trees for Cities, funded by DEFRA’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund, and City Bridge Trust.


Trees for Streets is a “Tech for Good” project that uses technology to empower people and make it easy for residents and organisations to get involved in greening their communities. 

We do this by hosting tree sponsorship schemes on behalf of local councils, and delivering local promotion and engagement activity to bring these schemes to life.

The scheme uses a clever online mapping app that lets residents request to sponsor trees in street location and local parks.

The team at Trees for Streets work to publicise the scheme around each participating city or borough via leaflets, council emails, social media, PR and community contacts.


Local volunteers from the charity GoodGym spent several evenings on foot delivering leaflets to local homes across Haringey to help promote the scheme.


Residents from all over Haringey have used Trees for Streets to green their streets, and fill empty tree pits and grass verges – from Tottenham to Muswell Hill.

So far we’ve seen families, groups of neighbours, school communities, and businesses apply to the scheme as well as lots of individuals taking up the option of sponsoring trees. Haringey residents have definitely taken Trees for Streets to their hearts!


Greening the grey

Frederick is keen to turn his street from grey to green – and is making sure his neighbours know all about Trees for Streets.

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Improving quality of life

A green, tree-lined street is a quality of life issue as far as Lindsay is concerned.

She sponsored a tree for the empty pit outside her house, and was excited to see it planted! 

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Keeping pollution at bay

Sarah and Arthur chose to live in the Hornsey area of Haringey because it’s one of the least polluted parts of London. 

They sponsored a street tree to help it to stay that way. 

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These are just a handful of the stories of our wonderful sponsors – you can read more here.

Communities coming together

One distinct feature of the Haringey scheme in this first year has been the groups of people getting together to fundraise for tree planting in their street or neighbourhood.

We’ve seen communities across all areas of the borough pool their resources to get more trees planted for everyone to enjoy and benefit from – it’s been a real inspiration to the Trees for Streets team.

Here are some of their stories:

Greening a treeless street

These Haringey residents decided they wanted their street to be greener, so they got together to raise funds to sponsor enough trees for the whole road.

Their street is now full of beautiful trees.

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A tree for every school

Councillors of the West Green ward in Tottenham wanted a lasting way to thank the staff at local primary schools. 

They ran a fundraising campaign to plant trees, which was a huge success!

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Fundraising for neighbourhood trees

The people who live in Albany Road in Haringey wanted their street to look as good as the one round the corner, so they set about fundraising to plant trees that they could all enjoy.

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Businesses giving something back

Not to be outdone by Haringey residents, local businesses have started to get in on the street tree action too.

Did you know: 81% of people said they would prefer to purchase from businesses that actively care about the environment, so getting involved in green projects like Trees for Streets is worth considering for businesses of any size.

Sponsoring trees in your area:

  • gives back to the local community
  • has a positive impact on the environment
  • demonstrates your commitment to being greener
  • boosts the local economy

Getting involved in the Trees for Streets campaign is a clear demonstration of your business’s green credentials for everyone in the local area to see.

Local estate agents Tatlers are doing their bit to green the borough, by sponsoring a tree for every house they sell in Haringey this year.

Andrew wanted to put trees back into the street where he lives and works – his business Working Content sponsored some trees to make his neighbourhood of Wood Green greener.

Whether you’re a large company looking to develop your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme or a smaller business that wants to give something back to the community, donating trees is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.


So, if like our tree lovers above you’d like to sponsor a tree in your street, or in your favourite local park, check to see if your council is participating in our national scheme, then simply use our app to make your request.

If your council is not already working with our charity, or doesn’t already have a scheme, there’s an option on our app to complete an “expression of interest”, then we’ll send them a request to get involved on your behalf.