8 July 2022
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Cambridge was the first city to join the Trees for Streets scheme, piloting our new technology that makes it easy for individuals, families and neighbourhood groups to do their bit to make their streets greener and healthier.

Greening the streets of Cambridge

Residents of Cambridge jumped at the chance to take advantage of the Trees for Streets scheme, which Cambridge City Council had signed up to in Spring 2021.

We were contacted by people from all over the city who wanted to sponsor a tree and do their bit to green their neighbourhoods.

This scheme is from the national urban tree charity Trees for Cities, and is funded by DEFRA’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund. The fund is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Natural England and the Environment Agency.


Trees for Streets is a Tech for Good project that uses technology to empower individuals, residents and organisations to get involved in greening their communities. We do this by hosting tree sponsorship schemes on behalf of local councils and delivering local promotion and engagement activities to bring these schemes to life.

Trees for Streets uses a clever online mapping app that lets residents request to sponsor trees in certain street locations and local parks.

The team at Trees for Streets publicise the scheme around each participating city or borough via leaflets, council emails, social media, PR and community contacts.

Meet our sponsors

Read about some of the Cambridge residents who’ve sponsored trees so far:

Dilly had just the right spot for a new tree on a grass verge right outside her house. The new cherry tree that’s been planted adds both protection from the road and a little bit of ‘kerb appeal’! Read more

Pablo was the first resident in Cambridge to sponsor a tree, a true pioneer! He wanted to green his street to encourage wildlife and improve things for the younger generation. The new tree will make the area more shady and liveable for everyone as it grows. Read more

Helen had already created a green urban oasis in her garden by planting some birch trees and wild flowers. Sponsoring a street tree meant she could green the area beyond her garden, and bring more shade to this sunny street.
Read more

Petri misses the forests of his Finnish homeland, so was quick to get on board with the Cambridge Trees for Streets scheme. He requested a tree be planted near the parking area next to where he lives to bring a bit more woodland to Cambridge! Read more


If you’d like to get involved in greening your streets by planting a tree outside your home, on your street or in a local park like the residents of Cambridge have, it’s simple! As long as your council is participating in the scheme, all you have to do is use our app to make the request. Click the yellow button below to get started.

If your council is not already working with our charity or doesn’t already have a scheme, there’s an option on our app to complete an “expression of interest”, then we’ll send them a request to get involved on your behalf.