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How Street Trees help make our roads safer
19 November 2021
We know they make our streets greener, but did you know that street trees can make our roads safer too?
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Sponsor Stories: Michelle
10 November 2021
Michelle chose to sponsor a Celebration Tree as a positive and lasting way to remember her late mother.
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Sponsor stories: Gavin
9 November 2021
Tree-watering hero Gavin is no stranger to keeping street trees topped up in the summer.
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Sponsor Stories: Helen
8 November 2021
Helen loves trees so much, she's turned her front garden into a woodland glen. We met her on a sunny September day in Cambridge.
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Planting season is underway in Cambridge
5 November 2021
The first city to join our national scheme planted their first street trees this week - and were helped by one of their Councillors too!
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Sponsor Stories: Sarah & Arthur
1 November 2021
Sarah and Arthur chose to live in the Hornsey area of Haringey because it's one of the least polluted parts of London. Planting more street trees will help it to stay that way.
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Green in every sense of the word
27 October 2021
You've probably heard: street trees are amazing! Here are some of the main environmental benefits trees bring to your neighbourhood.
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Sponsor Stories: Hannah
26 October 2021
Hannah has really taken Trees for Streets to heart, sponsoring a street tree in the Barnwell area of Cambridge, and several Celebration Trees in a local park.
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GoodGym pound the pavements of Croydon
29 September 2021
Last night GoodGym volunteers took to the streets of Croydon to tell people about the local Trees for Streets scheme.
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Street Trees are worth their weight in gold
27 September 2021
Our urban areas are the heart of our economy and investing in boosting local high streets is a huge priority. But how do you go about putting an economic value on trees?
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Using their feet to green the streets
14 September 2021
GoodGym took to the streets of Tower Hamlets a second time to help us get the word out to local residents about Trees for Streets.
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How street trees can make our lives healthier and happier
9 September 2021
You don’t have to travel to the countryside or even a local park to enjoy the benefits of being in nature. Even in the most urban areas, the presence of trees can have a profound and proven effect on our quality of life.
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