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Crowdfunding for a Greener  community
1 February 2022
This Bedford community ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to transform their neighbourhood by lining an entire street with trees.
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Grow your business while greening the community
17 January 2022
Trees make our towns and cities more welcoming and appealing, and improve our health - but did you know sponsoring trees is good for business too?
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Sponsor Stories: Lindsay
12 January 2022
Lindsay sponsored a tree for the empty pit outside her house - she couldn't wait for it to be planted!
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Haringey Council’s Tree Sponsorship Scheme
10 January 2022
Haringey, one of the first councils to join Trees for Streets in when we launched in 2021, has 600 more trees as a result.
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Sponsor Stories: Frederick
20 December 2021
Frederick is keen to turn his street from grey to green – and is making sure his neighbours know all about Trees for Streets.
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Sponsor Stories: Tracy & Graham
20 December 2021
Tracy and Graham thought that sponsoring a tree outside their childhood home was a lovely way to remember their late parents.
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Sponsor Stories: Kelly
15 December 2021
Kelly has lived in the Limehouse area for over 20 years. She chose to sponsor a tree in a local park in memory of her niece.
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Getting a tree ready for street life
13 December 2021
A street tree is very different from a sapling that you might plant in a park or garden - Keith Sacre of Barcham Trees explains what it takes to make a tree street-ready.
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Sponsor Stories: Petri
13 December 2021
Petri misses the forests of Finland, where he grew up. He sponsored a tree next to his house to bring a bit of that forest feel to the street where he lives.
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Join our mission: Let’s fill our streets with trees
1 December 2021
Tree-lined streets should be the norm. Trees improve our health, wellbeing and quality of life, they are essential.
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Sponsor Stories: Sarah
25 November 2021
The first Trees for Streets tree was planted in Haringey! Sarah sponsored a tree for the empty pit outside her house, and got her wish of having a cherry tree planted.
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Sponsor Stories: Barbara
23 November 2021
Barbara chose to sponsor a tree in a local park in Bedford as a lasting way to remember her late husband, and celebrate his life.
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We’ve pulled together a range of guides and contacts to help you to get involved in our mission of filling our streets with trees.
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