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Sponsor Stories: Raquel
28 April 2022
Raquel wanted to bring nature back to her West Croydon street by sponsoring a new tree, helping to improve wellbeing and mental health for the whole neighbourhood.
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Sponsor Stories: Addiscombe Railway Park Friends
28 April 2022
The Addiscombe Railway Park Friends group sponsored several trees to be planted in their local park, which was created from a strip of disused railway line.
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Sponsor stories: Dilan
27 April 2022
Dilan’s on a mission to green up his neighbourhood. He sponsored a new tree for an empty pit where there hasn’t been one in a long time, and plans to sponsor more trees locally.
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A tree for every school in West Green
25 April 2022
Councillors of the West Green ward in Tottenham wanted a lasting way to thank the staff at local primary schools - they ran a fundraising campaign to plant trees, which was a huge success!
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Sponsor Stories: Pablo
17 April 2022
Introducing Pablo, the first person in Cambridge to sponsor a tree using the Trees for Streets app. Here's his story...
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Making Wood Green…greener
13 April 2022
Andrew wanted to put trees back into the street where he lives and works - his business sponsored some trees to make the neighbourhood greener.
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How to water your  street tree
12 April 2022
Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to think about watering. Here's our advice...
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Fundraising for neighbourhood trees
5 April 2022
Residents of Albany Road in Haringey wanted their street to look as good as the one round the corner, so they set about fundraising to plant trees that they could all enjoy.
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Planting a tree for every house sold
31 March 2022
Tatlers Estate Agents have joined forces with us to to help get more street trees planted in the London borough of Haringey.
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Bring wildlife to your street
18 February 2022
We often talk about the benefits of living close to nature, and it's something that everyone can appreciate. Here's how trees can bring more nature to your street.
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The right tree for your street
14 February 2022
There's a lot to consider when planting a tree in your street. We look at the many factors taken into consideration when adding trees to urban environments.
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Celebration Trees: a gift with a difference
9 February 2022
Sponsoring a Celebration tree means you can help to plant trees in the green spaces in your community - where everyone can enjoy them!
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