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Sponsor Stories: Philippe
6 September 2022
Philippe sponsored a tree to make his street a bit greener, and so his young family can watch it grow.
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Trees for streets in Harrow
5 September 2022
New street trees have been planted all across Harrow, thanks to the local people who've sponsored them. Here's how they went about greening their streets.
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Sponsor Stories: Adil and Shelagh
5 September 2022
These Harrow residents sponsored street trees right opposite each other! Now they're hoping to persuade their neighbours to help green the rest of the street.
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Sponsor Stories: Cassie
31 August 2022
Cassie laid down roots in Bow a few years ago, and wanted to replace trees that were missing from her street.
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Sponsor Stories: Dominic
30 August 2022
Dominic has lived in Bethnal Green for over 20 years. He wants to pass the gift of trees onto the next generation, and make the whole neighbourhood nicer.
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We’re recruiting!
10 August 2022
We’re looking for great people to help build up our high-performance team. Want to join us?
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Celebrating 100 years of banking in the UK
5 August 2022
State Bank of India decided to celebrate its UK centenary in the best possible way: by sponsoring a tree
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Your Street Trees need you!
4 August 2022
Young street trees need watering regularly for their first few years, and we're encouraging people like you to help get it done! Here's why...
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Hot and Bothered? Trees can help
3 August 2022
Street trees are real cool customers. Here's how they're helping make our urban environment more comfortable.
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Sponsor Stories – Peter, Chris and David
2 August 2022
It’s always really special when a group of neighbours get together to sponsor a tree and give back to their local neighbourhood. We visited Peter, Chris and David who did just that.
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Sponsor Stories: David and Gillian
2 August 2022
David's neighbourhood is nowhere near as green as it used to be. So he and his wife Gillian decided to do something about it and sponsor some trees.
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How to use a tree watering Tube
27 July 2022
Here’s a video from Trees for Cities showing you what to do if the tree you are watering has a tube in the tree pit. A hose is a very efficient way to deliver a lot of water to a tree, but you won’t be able to use one if your area is subject to […]
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