26 February 2023
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Invest in your local community with trees

Award-winning architect firm, Rivington Street Studio, is one of a growing number of companies investing in their local community by funding the planting of street trees. It’s a great way to give something back to your immediate neighbourhood.

Rivington Street Studio has joined Trees for Streets as a Corporate Sponsor, helping fund five new trees in a nearby street in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

When the trees were planted in February, and we’re very excited to see them in the ground. But they weren’t in leaf – but come spring, with leaves on their branches, these trees really started to show how they will grow to transform the street, making it a happier, healthier place to live.

A boost for the local environment

As well as absorbing carbon, producing oxygen, and helping to protect us in severe weather, street trees are good for our health and wellbeing. They are also vital for urban wildlife, including the amazing invertebrates – such as bees and other pollinators – that support all life on Earth.

delighted to be able to contribute to the greening of our local area

“As architects and as a business, we seek the highest standards of environmental responsibility to avoid unnecessary damage to the natural world and to existing eco-systems. We are signatories of the UK Architects Declare initiative and we have pledged to raise awareness and advocate low carbon principles in our buildings to tackle the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the greening of our local area to help mitigate both of these issues.”

David Tucker, Director, Rivington Street Studio


When Tower Hamlets Council’s tree officer chooses the tree species to plant each year, he considers a number of different factors, including resistance to disease, size, and biodiversity. Typically, a mix of species is preferred, which helps to support biodiversity. The trees funded by Rivington Street Studio are a perfect example of this.

There are two bird cherry trees and one field maple, which will be great for bees and pollinators. Bird cherry flowers in May and produces small black fruits in late summer. Meanwhile, field maple is perhaps most impressive – to look at, at least – in autumn, when it turns bright yellow. A sight to behold!

Downy birch also flowers in spring and bears fruit in summer. It’s known for its peeling white bark and downy shoots (hence the name). Two down birches have been planted, and they will grow the largest out of the three species (up to around 20 metres tall).

Corporate Sponsorship

Rivington Street Studio has been working on projects in Tower Hamlets for over a decade, and relocated their office to the borough in 2017. When they heard about Trees for Streets and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their area, it was an easy decision to join the scheme.

Trees for Streets makes it very easy for a business to support tree planting in local streets. No more red tape. Simply decide how many trees you can afford to fund and the charity does the rest.

We encourage all kinds of businesses to invest in their local areas, through corporate sponsorship. In helping to fund new street trees, businesses can leave a legacy that will benefit locals (including wildlife!) for decades to come.

Get in touch at team@treesforstreets.org or find out more.

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