4 September 2023
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Satty has lived in Coventry all his life, and wanted to do something that gave back to his community. Discovering the Trees for Streets initiative, he realised he could give back, AND also improve the view from his home office. Through his business, Satty was able to sponsor two trees right outside his home. He says he’s noticed the benefits already!

Cleaner air for everyone

Satty lives on a road that has a lot of empty grass verges. He felt it was crying out for some trees that would not only improve the look of the street, but would also bring environmental benefits.

And Satty knows about the importance of clean air and protecting the environment. His company, Aeolus Air Quality Consulting, is an independent environmental consultancy that assesses air quality, mostly for planning and permitting. Trees are nature’s air purifiers, so it just made sense to bring that power to his immediate neighbourhood.

sponsored street trees in coventry
The first two trees on this end of the street

Office with a view

The two new trees planted outside Satty’s house can be viewed from his home office. Studies have shown that employees are healthier and more productive at work when they have a nature view. Satty has noticed how much the trees have improved the view he looks out on nearly every day, and takes joy in knowing that he’s helped improve his street and local biodiversity.

Big green plans

But he doesn’t want to stop there! There’s plenty more empty grass verges, and he’s already started speaking with his neighbours to get the ball rolling with more tree sponsorships. This once-treeless section of his street could be transformed, turning from a bare through-way to a pleasant tree-lined neighbourhood.

Satty with his two sponsored trees

Green up your street today

If you feel your street could do with more nature, why not find out if you can sponsor a tree through our scheme? Click here to see if we work with your local council.

A Trees for Streets label on two sponsored street trees in Coventry