6 September 2022
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New babies, like new trees, are often associated with hope and optimism for the future. When we went to visit Philippe to see his new tree, he greeted us with his 4-month-old baby in his arms.

Planting for the future

We asked Philippe about what had inspired him to sponsor a tree through the Harrow Trees for Streets Scheme. He told us how he believes that we need to plant more trees for the future and nodded toward his baby. He said that we have to think about how we treat the environment and offset carbon for the next generation.

I grew up in a tree-lined street, so I have a real appreciation of trees. I enjoy the feeling that you get when surrounded by them, they create a pleasant atmosphere, and I want this street to be like that.


Lots of our sponsors talk about planting more trees as an investment for future generations, and it’s a core part of our mission. We need to plant thousands of trees nationwide so that people can enjoy their benefits for decades to come.

Happy neighbours

Philippe’s efforts to make his neighbourhood that bit nicer haven’t gone unnoticed. He told us that his neighbours have congratulated him on his work to organise the planting of the new tree and have been really impressed with it. He’s now planning on sponsoring another tree on his street!

The right tree for the right place

Philippe was delighted with the tree that the council planted – a very leafy looking semi-mature Hornbeam ‘Frans Fontaine’ (Carpinus betulus). This is a narrow, upright tree with leaves that turn a lovely rich golden yellow in Autumn. Perfect for the layout of the street.

We commented on how healthy the new tree looked, and Philippe said he was watering it twice weekly. Alongside caring for a young baby, this is an impressive commitment!

Trees bring so many benefits

They help us by:

  • Improving our mental and physical health 
  • Reducing air pollution
  • Protecting against flooding
  • Encouraging more careful driving 
  • Reducing littering and fly-tipping
  • Making our neighbourhoods better places to live

How to sponsor a street tree

Philippe found that the process of sponsoring a street tree couldn’t have been any more straightforward. He used the Trees for Streets website, searched for the Harrow scheme, selected the desired location on our map, added a few details, and submitted the request.

The location was approved and a tree was planted during the following winter/spring period.

If you’d like to follow Philippe’s example, then simply search for your council using our online application process.