17 November 2021
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Pablo was the very first person in Cambridge to sponsor a street tree through our app. He lives in Trumpington with his family.

Trees play a vital role in our environment, we need more on our streets. They are key to a healthier and greener neighbourhood. 

I also want to encourage wildlife to the street, my young son and I like to watch the squirrels and birds.


Matthew Magrath, Senior Arboricultural Officer at Cambridge City Council has a particular type of tree in mind for this spot:

It needs to be a tough, resilient tree to survive in this street, because the ground is hard, dry, and compacted.

A Field Maple (Acer campestre, ‘Red Shine’) should do well here, especially as Pablo has volunteered to water it over the summer and keep an eye on it.

It’s an elegant tree that has beautiful foliage which starts out red in spring, changing through dark green and then finally yellow in autumn. It also has attractive cork-like bark.

Pablo is also helping to spread the word about tree sponsorship among his friends and neighbours, so we look forward to seeing lots more sponsorships in this area.