29 October 2023
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Louise has lived in her home for over 30 years, and as a locally retired teacher, knows the community well. She longs to see a greener Tower Hamlets, and so was thrilled when the council signed up to the Trees for Streets initiative, and she could play her part…

City living

Tower Hamlets is a vibrant London borough, home to nearly 350,000 people, and growing. Louise feels strongly about every single one of those residents having access to nature. She showed us her garden that she’s incredibly proud of – it’s humble in size but has clearly had a lot of love. Louise knows not everyone has their own outdoor space – which is what makes street trees all the more important.

The streets of Tower Hamlets, where old world meets the new.

2 for 1

Louise chose an empty tree pit on the street adjacent to her house, because it was close enough that she could see it from her home, but it was in an area that really needed some more greenery. She chose a silver birch, but when Tower Hamlets tree officers came to plant the tree a few months later, she had the pleasant surprise of finding two new trees! They had an extra one planted whilst the contractor was planting hers.

Louise reading the label we place on every sponsored tree
Louise watering her tree during the summer months

Take care of nature…

Louise has been watering both trees throughout the summer and loves the conversations that crop up when she does. She gets a lot of questions, and is very proud to inform anyone who passes by that she made these two trees happen!

 …and nature will take care of you

Our sponsored tree are instant impact trees; they’re already 3-4 metres tall and are well on their way to providing a myriad of benefits.

Louise’s two birch trees will:

–          Provide shade on hot days

–          Create a sanctuary for local wildlife

–          Soak up excess water to help with flooding

–          Pump out fresh oxygen for us to breath

Not to mention all the mental health benefits to urban nature!

Sponsor a tree on your street

If you’d like to green up your community, click here to find out if we work with your local council.
Like Louise says, “it all adds up!