26 October 2021
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Hannah has sponsored 3 celebration trees in a park near to where she lives, and also a street tree in the Barnwell area of Cambridge.

“During the pandemic I’ve really appreciated the green space near where I live, and so wanted to give something back that the community could all benefit from.

As a Christian, I believe that trees are part of God’s design – there’s a passage at the end of the bible describing the Tree of Life that has always resonated with me.

Sponsoring trees has made me aware of the trees I have near to where I live, I’d love for other people to have that same experience.”

Cambridge Council tree officer Matthew has a vision for this spot:

I think a Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum) would be perfect for this spot – it’s tough but pretty, so makes an ideal street tree. It has small yellow-green flowers in April/May that pollinators love.

The bronze leaves turn from green during the summer months to red or orange in autumn.

This tree is quite low maintenance – there’s really no need to prune it as it holds a pleasing shape all year round. It will also provide summer shade and some privacy to the people who live in the nearby flats.

Interestingly this variety is sometimes grown as a bonsai tree, but it’ll get the opportunity to grow to its full size in this spot.

Celebration Trees – Kings Hedges Recreation Ground

Matthew says:

“There are many more tree types that are suitable for a park location compared to a street, but I have in mind to plant at least one ‘Snow Goose’ flowering cherry tree in the park Hannah has chosen for her Celebration Trees. This will have beautiful, large white flowers in the springtime, and green deciduous leaves, which turn bronze/red in autumn.”

Sponsor a tree in your street, or a local park