23 November 2021
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Barbara chose to sponsor a tree in a local park in Bedford as a lasting way to remember her late husband, and celebrate his life.

A few people gathered in Russell Park, a well-used green space at the centre of the community, to see the newly planted tree.

Barbara says:

 “Neighbours, friends and family have all really helped me get through this difficult time
– sometimes it’s the little things people help out with that make all the difference.

My husband, Phil, was a marathon runner. He was always so active. He used to run around here, and we used to bring the grandkids to this park when they were small, so it means a lot to me to have the tree here in a place we’ve all enjoyed for years.

He was a teacher, and well known in the community, so it’s only right that that this tree should be in the middle of the neighbourhood.

I wanted to get everyone out today to see the tree – so many people have come along, it’s lovely.”

Bedford Borough Council Tree Officer Tristan Addo describes the tree chosen for this spot:

Image: Barcham Trees

The tree we’ve planted here is a
Sorbus aucuparia ‘Sheerwater Seedling’
– commonly known as a Rowan/Mountain Ash.

This native tree brings lovely colour in the autumn, the leaves turn a nice reddish-orange, with orange berries that birds and other wildlife enjoy eating. In the spring it has pretty white flowers.

This one is already about 6 years old, but rowans can live for up to 100 years, so it will enhance this park for generations.

Barbara says:

“Phil loved fuchsias, so my granddaughter Molly had a tattoo of one done in memory of him.

This tree represents something good, it’s growing so is always changing and will give us lots to look forward to over the seasons.

I’m really glad I did this, I’m looking forward to the spring when it flowers, it’ll look beautiful.”

Sponsor a tree in your street, or a local park