11 October 2023
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Trees clean our air and help combat the negative effects of climate change – something Shiri is all very aware of, so she asked for a tree for her birthday!

With Shiri’s passion for biodiversity and climate activism, her family knew it was a no-brainer to sponsor a tree on her street for her birthday, giving her a gift that keeps on giving, season after season…

Playing our part

Shiri has lived in Barnet for over 10 years, and takes a very active part in helping with the health of her community. She started the Finchley N3, N12 Pollinator Project, offering thousands of free plants to the local community and guidance on biodiversity projects.

She also runs an Eco Show and Tell Initiative, which are suitability fairs aimed to share knowledge about local green initiatives aimed at restoring biodiversity and fighting climate change.

We asked Shiri why she felt it important to support communities to green their streets, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves;

“Trees bring a piece of nature into an otherwise urban setting and enliven it – not only by making the street look more beautiful but also by supporting an entire ecosystem so making it possible to hear birdsong, they reduce pollution and cool our homes and the street for pedestrians. They are a gift that keeps on giving.”

A green birthday

Speaking of gifts, it made total sense for Shiri to celebrate her birthday by planting a tree. This cherry will be a haven for local wildlife, with beautiful blooms for insects in spring and berries for birds. She loved that she had the opportunity to sponsor a tree and choose exactly where she wanted it, and it has the added benefit of reminding her of her family every time she sees it.

“You won’t regret seeing a tree grow and you’ll always have the satisfaction of knowing it was you who took action to beautify your street and make it more resilient to climate change. Doing your bit always feels good.”

Give the gift of nature

You could also join Shiri in adding the gift of greenery to your local community. Click here to find out if we work with your local council.