14 July 2021
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Bradford Council is leading the way as the first Yorkshire council to join the new National Street Tree Sponsorship Scheme, Trees for Streets, which aims to plant thousands of additional trees in streets across the district through raising sponsorship donations from local residents.

Trees for Streets is a project by Trees for Cities, the national urban tree charity, and is funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund. Its goal is to support the planting of more than a quarter of a million street trees nationwide over the next ten years, by supplementing council tree planting budgets.

“We are really proud to be the first Yorkshire council to join this national scheme, and hope it is supported by our residents.

We have many beautiful parks and open spaces in Bradford, so would like to extend the benefits of green spaces to our streets by planting more trees on them. Encouraging sponsorship through Trees for Streets means we can add to our existing tree planting budget and plant more trees for everyone to enjoy.”

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Portfolio Holder for Healthy People and Places

As a member of the White Rose Forest Partnership Bradford Council is committed to comprehensive tree planting across the district to improve the natural environment and create happier and healthier places for people to live, work in and visit.

Bradford was also recognised as a Tree City of the World by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Arbor Day Foundation in 2020, and the council has run some innovative schemes to promote tree planting across the district in recent years, including the Tree for Every Child project, launched last November which will see approximately 55,000 trees planted across the district – the equivalent of one tree per primary school child, and a pledge to plant a tree for every household that switched to paying their council tax by direct debit, which resulted in 4,500 new trees.

Our easy-to-use online app makes it easy for anyone to sponsor a tree in their street or neighbourhood, by making a donation, and sending a request to their local council with a few simple details. The council then assesses the chosen location, and if it is suitable, arrangements will be made to plant a tree the following winter: the best time to plant young trees to ensure they grow and thrive.

Why are street trees important?

Street trees do so much for us:

  • capture carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
  • improve our health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally
  • absorb air pollution
  • improve air quality by acting like natural filters
  • protect us from flooding
  • create shading and cooling – so important in towns and cities
  • make the neighbourhoods where we live that bit nicer

Beyond sponsoring a tree, there are lots of other ways for people to get involved. Once each street tree is planted, it will need watering every week throughout the summer for 3 years to give it the best chance of survival, and any litter or weeds will need removing too, to make sure it thrives.

By donating time (and water) to care for street trees, residents will be contributing to a legacy for their community. It’s also a great opportunity to chat with neighbours, and enjoy the fresh air these trees provide.

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