12 October 2022
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Landscaping firm Craig West Turf (CWT) has joined us at Trees for Streets as a corporate sponsor, to help us plant more trees on the streets of Bristol. The company has sponsored five new street trees – one of which will be planted to help provide shade to a children’s playground in Avonmouth. The other four trees will be planted along the High Street and Lower High Street in Shirehampton.

giving back to the community

CWT is a family-run business that was started by Craig and his brother. Their children, cousins, and in-laws are all involved. The company has been based in Avonmouth for the last 25 years, and all the staff live around the Avonmouth and Shirehampton area. So they have a real passion for the area and know how much trees can contribute to making it a better place to live.

“We want to give something back to the community, and trees are something everyone will benefit from for generations to come. Our cities and towns need more trees, and we’re glad to be playing our part in making this happen in Bristol.”

Craig West, Managing Director – Craig West Turf Ltd.

The company is committed to helping their local community, and even took part in the BBC’s DIY SOS programme earlier this year, when the show came to revitalise The Ranch adventure playground in Southmead.

So why sponsor street trees?

Street trees do so much for us and the places where we live: 

  • capture carbon dioxide
  • produce oxygen
  • improve our health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally
  • absorb air pollution
  • improve air quality by acting like natural filters
  • protect us from flooding
  • create shading and cooling – so important in towns and cities
  • make the neighbourhoods where we live that bit nicer

Bristol Council has a comprehensive tree strategy, and does a lot of specialist work to plant, maintain and care for trees in the area, but their budgets can only go so far – and they are under a huge amount of pressure to do more with less.

Trees for Streets helps councils nationwide to engage more with their residents and local businesses to supplement their tree budgets with donations, enabling more trees to be planted overall. We encourage individuals and businesses to get directly involved in improving their communities by funding the planting of more of these urban trees.

We’re so pleased to welcome Craig West Turf on board as a corporate sponsor. Teaming up with local businesses like this helps us get more trees planted in Bristol, making these neighbourhoods greener for everyone.

Simeon Linstead, Founder & Project Director of Trees for Streets

We’re looking forward to working with CWT to green the streets of Bristol!

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