13 June 2022
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Our streets need more trees. To help win the fight against climate change, and for our mental and physical wellbeing. Trees for Streets is the national tree sponsorship scheme from the charity Trees for Cities.

Our mission is to plant an additional 250,000 street trees nationwide over the next ten years. 

To do this, we’re working alongside local councils to help supplement their existing tree planting budgets so they can plant more trees. And we need as many councils as possible to join our scheme.

If you would like to sponsor a tree in your area, the first step is to ask your local council to join the Trees for Streets scheme by submitting an Expression of Interest on our website – this will let your council that you’d like to get involved.

You can make a difference

Trees for Streets is for everyone. We collect sponsorships from individuals, communities, and businesses to fund the planting and maintenance of a young tree that will make an immediate impact. 

Most councils already have a tree planting strategy and a team behind it. We work with the Planners and Tree Officers to arrange the planting of your tree, including determining the best species to plant for each area.

We’re encouraging as many councils as possible to get involved in the scheme, for the benefit of residents and the local environment. If you’d like to plant a tree (or trees!) in your area, we’ve made it as easy as possible. But your council has to have signed up for the scheme first. If they haven’t, then we encourage you to fill in an Expression of Interest form on our website and we’ll email them on your behalf. It often takes more than one email, so get as many people to fill in the form as possible!

The process for checking if your council is involved and how to encourage them to do so is outlined below.

getting your council on board

1. Enter your postcode or the name of your local council on the yellow form on this web page.

2. Select your council from the list provided.

3. The next page will tell you if Trees for Streets is hosting any tree sponsorship schemes in your area.

4. If we are – great news! You can request to sponsor a tree in your street, or perhaps a local park.

5. If we aren’t working with your local council, simply fill in a few details to complete an expression of interest. This will generate an email to your council to let them know that you’d like to sponsor a tree in your area.

6. The rest is up to them. If they have plans to join our national scheme or to introduce an initiative of their own, they will get in touch with you directly.

Spreading the word

From this point onwards it’s a numbers game, so get your friends and neighbours to do the same, and your council will hopefully soon take notice. It’s worth saying that it often does take quite a while to get things moving, so try to be patient!

Take the first step to a greener street