13 May 2022
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These residents of the Fortis Green area of Haringey had previously always wondered why their street didn’t have any trees, when others nearby did.

They set about finding out what was possible, and mobilised to raise funds with their neighbours to plant a row of trees along the full length of the street.

We paid them a visit to see the new trees, and find out more about the residents of Lynmouth Road.

A treeless street

I just assumed there must be a reason why there weren’t any trees here when nearby roads have them – I kept meaning to get in touch with the council and do something about it.


He and some of his fellow neighbours did a bit of detective work, and measured the pavement in the next street where there were trees – finding it was the same width as their own, they then got in touch with Trees for Streets and Haringey Council to find out if trees could be planted in their street.

Ask the experts

Haringey’s tree officer, Alex Fraser, surveyed the street and identified potential spots where trees could be planted. Morley then got on the street WhatsApp group to invite everyone to contribute to sponsor several trees, and together they raised enough money to sponsor 19 trees along the whole street!

Due to there being underground services under the pavement at her end of the street, Sara unfortunately wasn’t able to get a tree planted directly outside her house, but has a great view of the trees stretching up the road.

“Don’t they look lovely! We’re so delighted with them,” she said.

A year-round show

Where possible, the scheme takes sponsor preferences into account when it comes to the choice of tree species. The Lynmouth Road residents thought about having a row of the same trees to create an avenue, but decided to go for a mixture of different species, which is better for biodiversity because it supports a wider range of wildlife. It also reduces the likelihood of losing the trees to pests or diseases that affect particular tree species.

Sally, who’s a gardener by trade, helped to choose trees that would complement each other, and the street now boasts a beautiful array of pear, cherry, crab apple, rowan, and juneberry trees.

We wanted to have varieties that would attract wildlife to the street.

I’m pleased every time I come home, the Sorbus crab apple tree outside my garden gate looks fabulous.

The trees make the street look so cheery.


A blend of different trees also adds visual variety and interest – as these trees grow they will put on a beautiful display of colour through the seasons.

Morley added, “It’s so great that we’ve come together to fund these trees as a community. The other neighbouring streets always looked so much better, but not anymore!”

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