23 January 2023
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Invest locally

Up and down the country, a growing number of local organisations are joining the Trees for Streets scheme. They all want to play a part in helping green the greyer streets in their communities. They appreciate being able to invest in a programme that delivers tangible benefits in their immediate neighbourhoods.

A tree for every deal

The London Construction Programme is one such organisation who’ve joined Trees for Streets. Based in the London Borough of Haringey, they have pledged to fund one additional street tree for every Haringey-based contract that is awarded through their procurement platform.

“Trees for Streets is a fantastic project that’s making a real difference to people’s lives at a local level, and we’re excited to be involved. This partnership means we can help to green neighbourhoods across Haringey.”

Lisa Bliss, Commercial Business Partner at London Construction Programme
Trees transform our housing estates into green vibrant places for their communities.


Trees for Streets launched our street tree sponsorship scheme in Haringey, North London, in 2021, and we’ve now supported the funding of hundreds of trees across the borough.

Our involvement here has meant that the council’s tree budget can go much further, meaning that more trees can be planted.

The trees funded by LCP’s membership of the scheme will go into priority areas, including less affluent streets with low tree cover.

Thanks to match funding from the Mayor of London, for every tree LCP sponsors in Haringey between now and March 2023, another tree will also be planted in one of these priority locations.

Street trees are a defining feature of a healthy neighbourhood

We need trees now more than ever

With the adverse effects of climate change, pollution and increasingly dense urban living, we need trees now more than ever.

Street trees are pretty amazing:

  • Capture carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
  • Improve our health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally
  • Absorb air pollution
  • Improve air quality by acting like natural filters
  • Protect us from flooding
  • Create shading and cooling – so important in towns and cities
  • Make the neighbourhoods where we live that bit nicer

About us

This project is part of the Trees for Cities charity. We currently run schemes in the following council areas: Bedford, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, and in London, we work with Barnet, Croydon, Ealing, Haringey, Harrow, Hillingdon, Islington and Tower Hamlets.

Get involved

We’d love to speak with organisations who’d like to have a truly local impact.

Your trees will go in less affluent less treed streets, school streets and also to create shading for kids playgrounds.

Even one tree can make a difference.

Do please drop us a line at business@treesforstreets.org.

One of our donors sponsored these 3 trees on the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham.