7 June 2024
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Local residents can now request a free tree for their street or front garden.

We’re kicking off Great Big Green Week with a new project which will bring trees to Camborne!

We invite local residents to request a new tree for where they live. There are two ways to do this: 1) adopt a street tree, or 2) request a garden tree.

Adopt a street tree

If there is space for a tree on your street and you commit to watering it, a new tree will be planted this winter.

Request a garden tree

If you have space in your garden and commit to watering and taking care of a tree, you can collect one this winter and plant it yourself.

filling the town with trees

Our exciting new project aims to fill Camborne with new trees. It is supported by Forest for Cornwall, Trees Outside Woodlands and Camborne Town Council.

The best part is that residents will benefit from greener streets without having to pay a penny!

Planting trees not only supports the environment, but could have positive effects on wellbeing. Studies suggest exposure to trees can reduce stress and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

A simple process

You can easily request a garden tree or adopt a street tree by completing a simple form, making a commitment to take care of the tree. If you request a tree for your garden, you can even choose the species.

Requesting a tree is a simple, easy way for residents to make a tangible difference for the community – and leave a lasting legacy.

Visit treesforstreets.org/Camborne to get started.

Let’s fill Camborne with trees!

Ready to sponsor your next tree?