Sponsor a tree
Frequently asked questions

Where can I have a tree planted?

This scheme promotes the planting of trees in streets, and in amenity locations, like council housing estates.

We expect most councils will let you make the selection of a viable street location for the tree you are sponsoring. This could be outside your house, in your street, or on your kids walk to school route.

Some councils will offer a comprehensive list of pre-vetted locations to choose from. All this information will be provided on this website for each council’s own scheme, (which will be available from Easter 2021).

Life is never as straight forward as you’d like it to be. Some locations are suitable to plant a street tree, some are simply not. What would prevent the council from planting a tree in a location could be:

The easiest place to plant a street tree is into an existing empty tree pit, or a grass verge. Some councils may be happy to create a new tree pit into a hard surface, but may ask for a contribution from you to do so.

Please note, Trees for Streets promotes schemes on behalf of individual councils. Each council will run their scheme slightly differently.

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