22 September 2023
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Residents across the country can sponsor the planting of a new tree in their local parks. Whether to celebrate an occasion, memorialise a loved one, or gift a unique present – there are hundreds of parks to choose from.

At Trees for Streets, our mission is to get more street trees planted in our urban areas. But we also run ‘Celebration Tree’ sponsorship schemes with the councils in the areas we operate in.

Here’s how you can get involved in maintaining the green spaces in your local area.

What is a Celebration Tree?

A ‘celebration tree’ is a tree that has been sponsored by a member of the public, and planted in a public park. The scheme helps councils by supplementing their existing tree planting budget, meaning that more trees can be planted.

A Celebration Tree planted by one of our council partners will usually be about 3-5 metres high, with one or more tree stakes. It may also come with various accessories to protect it and help it grow, such as a wire mesh tree guard, watering bag, and/or an irrigation tube.

Reasons to sponsor a celebration tree

Celebrate a life event

Some life events are so special that you want to mark them in a way that is more lasting and significant than a gift that will eventually be forgotten about. Some people like to sponsor celebration trees to mark the birth of a new baby, or the day an adopted child joins a family. It’s nice to think of both new lives growing together, giving the child a connection to nature that will last for years to come.

They can also be used to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and even business successes – whatever the reason, planting a tree is a unique and meaningful way of celebrating an event.

A gift that keeps growing

We all know someone who is impossible to buy for! A sponsored tree in their local park makes a great gift for any occasion, and the best bit is that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

The tree that is planted will change over time, growing each year and eventually providing shade and beauty that can be enjoyed by everyone who uses the park. For the receiver, it offers a sense of connection to nature and satisfaction that they have done something to improve their local environment. Whether someone is a nature fanatic or not, this is a gift that keeps on giving!

A natural and lasting memorial

Planting a tree to mark the death of a loved one is a natural and sustainable way to create a long-lasting memorial. It’s a place to return to, time after time, and watch the tree flourish.

Visiting a cemetery or churchyard can be a difficult and sad experience for some people, but a park is generally a happy place that people of all ages and walks of life can enjoy.

Investing in your neighbourhood

Sponsoring a tree in a park where everyone can benefit from it is a wonderful way to show you care about your local area and the wider environment.

The positive impact of trees is felt in many ways.

Spending time in nature makes a proven difference to our mental health and overall sense of wellbeing. Being around trees helps reduce stress by connecting us to nature. They also provide much-needed homes for birds and other wildlife, enriching our environment with new sights, sounds and smells.

Trees are also a key factor in the fight against climate change, by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And as the climate gets hotter, trees provide much-needed shade from the hot sun.

Trees can also help absorb some of the toxins and pollutants, making our communities greener and healthier places to live.

Our neighbourhoods simply need more trees!

Get involved

At Trees for Streets, we’re committed to helping empower and enable people to take ownership of planting more trees. You can sponsor celebration trees in any of the areas we operate in, click here to find out more.

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