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12 October 2022
Crowdfunding Success in Croydon
Our very first crowdfunding campaign - to green Portland Road in Croydon - was a great success!
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4 August 2022
Your Street Trees need you!
Young street trees need watering regularly for their first few years, and we're encouraging people like you to help get it done! Here's why...
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27 July 2022
How to use a tree watering Tube
Here’s a video from Trees for Cities showing you what to do if the tree you are watering has a tube in the tree pit. A hose is a very efficient way to deliver a lot of water to a tree, but you won’t be able to use one if your area is subject to […]
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15 July 2022
Water your Street tree for free!
Young trees need a lot of water to survive and thrive - but did you know you can actually water them for free?
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13 May 2022
Greening a treeless street
These Haringey residents decided they wanted their treeless street to be greener. They now have a whole street full of beautiful trees.
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25 April 2022
A tree for every school in West Green
Councillors of the West Green ward in Tottenham wanted a lasting way to thank the staff at local primary schools - they ran a fundraising campaign to plant trees, which was a huge success!
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12 April 2022
How to water your street tree
Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to think about watering. Here's our advice...
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5 April 2022
Fundraising for neighbourhood trees
Residents of Albany Road in Haringey wanted their street to look as good as the one round the corner, so they set about fundraising to plant trees that they could all enjoy.
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1 February 2022
Crowdfunding for a Greener community
This Bedford community ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to transform their neighbourhood by lining an entire street with trees.
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14 June 2021
Watering Wednesday: our top tips
Anyone can water a street tree! Here are our tips on how to get started.
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2 November 2020
Street tree resources
Our resources page contains a curated list of links to relevant organisations, reports, research, articles, and books. We hope you find it useful.
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