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Read about our lovely Croydon tree sponsors.

12 October 2022
Crowdfunding Success in Croydon
Our very first crowdfunding campaign - to green Portland Road in Croydon - was a great success!
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29 April 2022
Sponsor Stories: James and Sue
James and his mum, Sue, love trees, and they want to see more of them on Croydon’s streets. They sponsored a tree for the empty tree pit outside their home, and are already enjoying the new addition to their street.
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28 April 2022
Sponsor Stories: Raquel
Raquel wanted to bring nature back to her West Croydon street by sponsoring a new tree, helping to improve wellbeing and mental health for the whole neighbourhood.
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28 April 2022
Sponsor Stories: Addiscombe Railway Park Friends
The Addiscombe Railway Park Friends group sponsored several trees to be planted in their local park, which was created from a strip of disused railway line.
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27 April 2022
Sponsor stories: Dilan
Dilan’s on a mission to green up his neighbourhood. He sponsored a new tree for an empty pit where there hasn’t been one in a long time, and plans to sponsor more trees locally.
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3 February 2022
Sponsor Stories: Eve
Eve lives in Addiscombe in Croydon, and couldn't wait to embellish her beloved neighbourhood with a new street tree.
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10 November 2021
Sponsor Stories: Michelle
Michelle chose to sponsor a Celebration Tree as a positive and lasting way to remember her late mother.
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9 November 2021
Sponsor stories: Gavin
Tree-watering hero Gavin is no stranger to keeping street trees topped up in the summer.
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