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Read about the tree heroes of Tower Hamlets.

29 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Love where you live
Tower Hamlets residents are celebrating their streets by planting more trees
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24 October 2023
East London business invests in greener streets
Find out how local businesses can give back to their communities...
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26 February 2023
Tower Hamlets: Transforming a residential street
Find out how a London based architects practice funded tree planting in a local residential street.
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7 September 2022
Sponsor Stories: Joseph
Joseph knows that planting trees is crucial to the health of our planet. He thinks everyone should get involved with Trees for Streets!
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7 September 2022
Sponsor Stories: Marleni
Marleni is a real tree hero, having planted more than 150 trees in her home country of Costa Rica! Now she's got her sights set on greening up London.
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31 August 2022
Sponsor Stories: Cassie
Cassie laid down roots in Bow a few years ago, and wanted to replace trees that were missing from her street.
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30 August 2022
Sponsor Stories: Dominic
Dominic has lived in Bethnal Green for over 20 years. He wants to pass the gift of trees onto the next generation, and make the whole neighbourhood nicer.
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15 December 2021
Sponsor Stories: Kelly
Kelly has lived in the Limehouse area for over 20 years. She chose to sponsor a tree in a local park in memory of her niece.
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