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People have sponsored trees all over the UK through our app – read their stories.

11 October 2023
Birthday present idea – plant a street tree
Shiri's family sponsored a street tree outside her home as a birthday gift!
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9 October 2023
A Cambridge street catches the tree sponsorship habit
These residents are greening up their streets – and inspiring their neighbours to do the same!
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5 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Planting trees for a safer street
How greening a street can make all the difference
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2 October 2023
Planting street trees for a greener future (just a start)
A Gloucester resident’s quest to make a positive impact on the world
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25 September 2023
Haringey: Neighbours transformed their street into a garden
Beautiful things can happen when neighbours come together to make their street a healthier and happier place to live.
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4 September 2023
Sponsoring trees for a greener street (and a better view)
Tree sponsors are improving their home office view!
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23 August 2023
Sponsor Stories: Action as an antidote
Ailie is a yoga-powered, tree-planting hero. Here's how she's connecting her community with nature.
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11 July 2023
Sponsor Stories: Greening up a busy road
Tom and Gillian live on a busy road in Cambridge, and when gaps in the tree line appeared after some recent works, they saw a green opportunity…
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11 March 2023
Croydon: Community hero Chris greens-up her local high street
Read how serial community volunteer Chris rallied her local community to crowdfund trees to green the grey along the local shopping parade.
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5 March 2023
Restoring An Avenue To Its Former Tree-Lined Glory
A community brought together by the pandemic is now working to restore their once green street.
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26 February 2023
Tower Hamlets: Transforming a residential street
Find out how a London based architects practice funded tree planting in a local residential street.
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24 February 2023
Tottenham: Crowdfunding Two Tree-less Streets
Neighbours pull together to raise money to green up their streets
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