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Tree stories

Neighbourhood Trees

These groups of neighbours came together to sponsor trees to improve where they live.

2 August 2022
Sponsor Stories – Peter, Chris and David
It’s always really special when a group of neighbours get together to sponsor a tree and give back to their local neighbourhood. We visited Peter, Chris and David who did just that.
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13 May 2022
Greening a treeless street
These Haringey residents decided they wanted their treeless street to be greener. They now have a whole street full of beautiful trees.
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5 April 2022
Fundraising for neighbourhood trees
Residents of Albany Road in Haringey wanted their street to look as good as the one round the corner, so they set about fundraising to plant trees that they could all enjoy.
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1 February 2022
Crowdfunding for a Greener community
This Bedford community ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to transform their neighbourhood by lining an entire street with trees.
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