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Harrow Sponsor Stories

Find out more about the lovely people who’ve sponsored trees in Harrow.

6 September 2022
Sponsor Stories: Philippe
Philippe sponsored a tree to make his street a bit greener, and so his young family can watch it grow.
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5 September 2022
Sponsor Stories: Adil and Shelagh
These Harrow residents sponsored street trees right opposite each other! Now they're hoping to persuade their neighbours to help green the rest of the street.
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5 August 2022
Celebrating 100 years of banking in the UK
State Bank of India decided to celebrate its UK centenary in the best possible way: by sponsoring a tree
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5 July 2022
Sponsor Stories: Margaret & David
Harrow couple Margaret and David dedicated the street tree they sponsored outside their house to the Queen's Green Canopy.
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5 July 2022
Sponsor Stories: Emma
Sometimes one person can make a big difference. Serial tree sponsor Emma is almost singlehandedly regreening her street in West Harrow
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