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People have sponsored trees all over the UK through our app – read their stories.

1 November 2023
Sponsor Stories: Bringing nature to a retirement home
Sponsoring a tree is a wonderful thing to do – this Croydon resident chose a location for all to enjoy.
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31 October 2023
A birthday gift that keeps on giving
What do you get a nature lover for their birthday? A tree in their favourite park of course!
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30 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Twin trees in honour of twin boys
This family business eats, sleeps and breathes trees – and they have sponsored two trees in their local Bristol park…
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29 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Love where you live
Tower Hamlets residents are celebrating their streets by planting more trees
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28 October 2023
Crowdfunder Stories: Trees for community spaces
When a medieval community space was losing some of its ancient trees, local residents decided the next generation of trees were needed.
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26 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: A tree to remember
Those close to us leave a lasting impact – so it’s fitting to remember them by planting something that also has a lasting impact…
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25 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Thinking of the future
With our changing climate, parents like Helena and Adrian are thinking of what they can do now that will make a difference for their children’s future.
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24 October 2023
East London business invests in greener streets
Find out how local businesses can give back to their communities...
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21 October 2023
Let’s fill Coventry’s streets with trees: Simon’s story
Simon was the first person to sponsor a street tree when we launched in Coventry, so we revisited him to see how he was getting on with his new tree…
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18 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Trees bring neighbours together
Neighbours in Cambridge are sponsoring trees on their streets – read Jonathan and Jim’s story…
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17 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Adding colour to the neighbourhood
We talk about 'greening our streets' - but some trees add a variety of colours - like the tree this Islington residents has sponsored.
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16 October 2023
Sponsor Stories: Greening A Tree-Less Street
Find out how Coventry residents have started getting trees planted in to a street where there were none.
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