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Here you’ll find all our articles about why planting more street trees is so important.

13 December 2021
Getting a tree ready for street life
A street tree is very different from a sapling that you might plant in a park or garden - Keith Sacre of Barcham Trees explains what it takes to make a tree street-ready.
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1 December 2021
Join our mission: Let’s fill our streets with trees
Tree-lined streets should be the norm. Trees improve our health, wellbeing and quality of life, they are essential.
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19 November 2021
How Street Trees help make our roads safer
We know they make our streets greener, but did you know that street trees can make our roads safer too?
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27 October 2021
Green in every sense of the word
You've probably heard: street trees are amazing! Here are some of the main environmental benefits trees bring to your neighbourhood.
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27 September 2021
Street Trees are worth their weight in gold
Our urban areas are the heart of our economy and investing in boosting local high streets is a huge priority. But how do you go about putting an economic value on trees?
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9 September 2021
How street trees can make our lives healthier and happier
You don’t have to travel to the countryside or even a local park to enjoy the benefits of being in nature. Even in the most urban areas, the presence of trees can have a profound and proven effect on our quality of life.
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21 May 2021
Why we need more street trees
Trees are part of our natural life support system, and play a vital role in sustainable urban living, but do you really know how much we rely on them?
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5 November 2020
Street trees are great for our well-being
Street trees are great for both our physical and our mental wellbeing, and that’s a fact.
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2 November 2020
8 Amazing Benefits From Street Trees
A whistle-stop tour of the myriad benefits of the humble street tree.
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19 October 2020
The Power of Sponsoring a Street Tree
How improving your local environment creates a net good for your whole city.
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