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Here you’ll find all our articles about why planting more street trees is so important.

22 September 2023
Celebration Trees: a gift with a difference
Looking for a unique way to celebrate an occasion or surprise a loved one? Give them the gift of a tree!
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9 December 2022
Nature and Mental Health: The Science
Most of us can relate to the feeling of relaxation that comes from spending time close to nature, but what exactly is it that causes this effect and can it be backed by science?
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23 November 2022
Can one tree make a difference?
Just one tree can have an impact on a street from the day it’s planted. These are some of the benefits a tree brings throughout its lifetime.
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10 November 2022
How trees help fight air pollution
Air pollution has a catastrophic effect on our health, and on the planet. The good news is that trees can help. Here's how...
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3 August 2022
Hot and Bothered? Trees can help
Street trees are real cool customers. Here's how they're helping make our urban environment more comfortable.
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11 July 2022
Greening the grey – how trees bring life to our urban streets
We're on a mission to green the grey streets of our towns and cities - let's fill our streets with trees!
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13 June 2022
How do I get my council to join Trees for Streets?
We’re working with a growing number of UK councils to plant more trees. If you'd like your council to get involved, here's how to let them know.
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18 May 2022
Trees for Streets in Haringey
Haringey’s residents have leapt at the chance to help re-green their local streets. They’ve thrown their support behind our national street tree sponsorship scheme.
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10 May 2022
How trees support our mental health
Trees lower our blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and make us feel calm and happy. They are vital for our mental and physical health.
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18 February 2022
Bring wildlife to your street
We often talk about the benefits of living close to nature, and it's something that everyone can appreciate. Here's how trees can bring more nature to your street.
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14 February 2022
The right tree for your street
There's a lot to consider when planting a tree in your street. We look at the many factors taken into consideration when adding trees to urban environments.
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17 January 2022
Grow your business while greening the community
Trees make our towns and cities more welcoming and appealing, and improve our health - but did you know sponsoring trees is good for business too?
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