9 October 2023
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When one person sponsored a tree, it had a knock on effect with nearby neighbours – and this treeless Cambridge street is starting to fill with trees!

Dilly’s tree

One person’s positive actions can have an amazing and long lasting impact. One of our first sponsors, Dilly, sponsored a tree on her street, and has inspired other neighbours to do the same. She’s since moved out of the area, but we visited her old street to see her tree legacy taking hold…

Dilly watering her street tree
Dilly the tree sponsoring trendsetter

A need for trees

Tom and Cat put in their tree sponsorship request soon after seeing Dilly’s impressive instant impact tree appear on their street. They were very keen to increase tree cover in their street. And as an outdoorsy family, they’re well aware of all the environmental benefits trees provide.

It’s a popular route for nearby families as it has a primary school at the end. The grass verges outside their front doors are prime real estate for trees, especially since these residents don’t have front gardens.

Blooming marvellous

All the newly sponsored trees in Alpha Terrace have been ornamental cherry trees. In spring they’ll put on a beautiful blossom display that the whole street – as well as the kids on their way to school – will enjoy.

“The ornamental cherry that has been planted is well established and already quite big, and absolutely loved by our young family.”

Tom, Cat, and their two boys with their sponsored cherry tree
The newly sponsored tree – and the neighbour’s sponsored tree in the background!

A growing community

Sponsoring these trees have brought these neighbours together. Each week in the warmer months the family takes part on our Watering Wednesday initiative. They go out and water their newly sponsored trees, creating opportunity for conversations and connections.

Though Dilly has moved away, Tom’s family look after her tree and update her regularly on how it’s doing. This cherry tree has provided Dilly with literal roots in a place she has many memories in.

Become a street tree sponsor

Tom and Cat are thrilled with their new tree, and can see a visual improvement on their street already. If you’re interested in adding more green to your neighbourhood, find out if we work with your local council.