1 November 2023
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Michael shares our vision of filling our neighbourhoods with trees. He sponsored a tree in a green space outside an extra care retirement home, so the residents can enjoy the benefits it will provide.

Giving back to the community

Michael has lived in his corner of Croydon for over 45 years, and would love to see more trees planted for his community. He enjoys photographing the local trees season to season, and so is very aware of how much available space there is to plant new trees.

Michael’s nature photography

He initially applied to sponsor a tree outside his house, and was sadly informed that the space in front of his home wasn’t suitable due to services under the pavement – but he didn’t let that put him off sponsoring a tree! He had another location in mind…

Truscott House is an extra care retirement home close to where he lives, that has a large green space outside. Knowing how much he enjoys a view of trees himself, Michael felt these residents would too.

Getting things done

To ensure the location was suitable, Croydon Council’s tree officer and the Truscott House manager met up with Michael, and they chose a spot that would enable the residents to enjoy the tree from their windows.

It was a pleasant site visit, and I was happy when they both agreed that the location was good for a new tree.

The tree species planted is an Acer, which provides a beautiful display from spring all the way to autumn.

Instant impact tree

Michael’s sponsored tree is already providing biodiversity to the area, but he plans to hang a bird feeder on it when it is stronger, so the residents of Truscott House can enjoy bird song as well as the seasonal display of the acer.

This ladybug has already made Michael’s sponsored tree its home

Soothing nature

Trees are good for our mental well-being. Studies show that having access to urban nature helps reduce levels of stress, and helps balance our nervous system.

This acer will be viewable and accessible by all the extra care retirement home residents, providing benefits for many years to come.

Join Michael

We asked Michael if he would recommend sponsoring a tree;

“Plant your tree! It might be only one but if we all join in – it’ll make a difference.”

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